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Read here to see how.  

The first time we had to make this simple repair we paid $162 for the Clutch Slave Cylinder and $120 for the Clutch Master Cylinder from one of the IH Scout part dealers.  Then by the time we added a $15 shipping charge, it left our pockets empty of $297.  Yep....$297 for 2 simple parts.  

But recently this same repair was needed again for another Scout 80 we keep here at the shop.  This time we weren't going to pay another $300.  With a quick search over the internet we found this Slave Cylinder for $35.46 and this Master Cylinder for $43.99.  So we bought both for a total of $79.  

When the parts arrived, they looked and fit just like the ones we bought for $300!  We hope this helps you save over $220 too the next time you need to change your Scout 80 clutch cylinders.  

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Sean M.
Sean M.

March 08, 2019

I have a ’63 Scout 80 (4×4 4cyl 152 Engine) that needs a new Master and Slave cylinder. Will this work for my Scout?

Would love to save the $.


Brian Holmes
Brian Holmes

March 08, 2019

This worked perfectly, thank you very much for sharing this trick. The only modification I had to do was to the actuator rod for the master cylinder. For the master cylinder, I removed the actuater rod that came with it, installed the existing rod and it works like a champ. This was a simple remove and replace operation and I was up and running again.

The slave cylinder was also a super easy remove and replace. But, as a side benefit of the slave cylinder purchase, expect to get a very nice call from a guy named Ed at HGM Lift parts to inquire that you received your parts, they are working as expected, and to let you know that they appreciate your business.

All in all, a very satisfying repair.

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