IH Scout “Anything Less Is Just A Car” T-shirt

Nelson Lemmond

Posted on March 19 2015

IH Scout “Anything Less Is Just A Car” T-shirt

Whether you want to call it a T-shirt, a Tee, or a Tee-shirt, when you order the IH Scout “Anything less is just a car” T-shirt, you will be getting an authentic, officially licensed, and quality constructed shirt.

The origins of the T-shirt began, around 1913, when the U.S. Navy started issuing them to the soldiers to wear under their uniforms. The undershirts were easy to clean, and made out of a light and cheap fabric. The T-shirt was originally worn as an undergarment, meant to be worn under clothing so it could not be seen.

Following WWII, you would see veterans wearing T-shirts with their uniform trousers as a staple of their casual attire, but still seen more as an undergarment. The T-shirt finally achieved the status as a stand-alone, fashionable, outer-wear garment, following a movie in the 1950’s, in which Marlon Brando strutted his stuff wearing a simple white T-shirt on screen.

As it turns out, the T-shirt was the garment of choice when doing farm or ranch chores following the Great Depression. Today, T-shirts serve as a medium for self-expression with the use of wording, art and photography. T-shirts can be plain or make a statement of style and stances.

The IH Scout “Anything less is just a car” T-shirt is super soft, and the image will never fade because there was no ink used in the design and manufacturing of the shirt.

It is no surprise that the International Harvester company and the T-shirt came together as both were created with innovative and savvy inspiration. IH began producing agricultural machinery as early as the 1830’s, and by the 1930’s, they had produced over 100,000 Farmall tractors.

IH creatively produced the true general purpose tractor to satisfy the needs of the average U.S. family farmer, and the T-shirt served the needs of the servicemen in the U.S. Navy. Servicemen were to wear T-shirts so that they would be soiled, and the uniform would remain clean.

Two legendary products come together to bring you the IH Scout “Anything less is just a car” T-shirt. Order yours today before they’re gone. Make a statement of style with this classic designed T-shirt. Imagine a T-shirt that you can wash over and over, and the image will never fade! The T-shirt is already so soft that it feels like you’ve owned it for years.

Anything Less is Just A Car T-shirt

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